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The Creepiness of Spoony [Mar. 15th, 2010|11:29 pm]
A little bi-furious
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |Dr. Bombay - Girlie Girlie]

There's an extremely artsy videogame out there called "The Madness of Roland." The Spoony One tried to review it, but it was intended for older computers. So he took the videos he could salvage from it, strung them together, and scared the flying bejeezus out of everybody. Including me. Even though I haven't seen it. I saw his Ringface from the very end (that's how I found out about the review, in fact), and now I'm too freaked out to actually watch it. Here is a link, if you don't mind Ringfaces. Admittedly, as Ringfaces go it isn't that bad. His eyes are completely black and his jaw is streched unnaturally wide and kind of off to the side a bit, as I recall.

Let me correct that, it isn't that bad DURING THE DAY. Thinking about it now gives me the wiilies. Then again, people who didn't, say, watch The Ring as a rather sheltered 14-year-old might not have the same problems. Anyway, the very end of it is reportedly the only part that's actually scary, as opposed to creepy-surreal. So I could just close my eyes as soon as I see a shot of the back of Spoony's chair. Or I could hit the Back button halfway through. But I just can't do it this late at night. I read the comments, and just thinking about it this much makes me want to listen to this as loud as it will go. GIRLIE GIRLIE, YOU'RE THE ONE I WANT. I WANT YOU IN THE KITCHEN AND I WANT YOU WHEN I WASH.